Why NOW is never a good time to start losing weight

Wow. Where has January gone? 

And I guess, many of your New Year's Resolutions are, well, only resolutions by now? 

 Are you weighing exactly the same as last year or did you

  • gained some weight? 

  • lost some weight?

  • lost some but is gaining it back again?  

If you lost some, good for you. You are definitely in the minority. 

 For most of us, losing it and keeping it off is only a pipedream. You are perfectly normal if you have not kept your weight loss resolutions.

You have a normal human brain!

 In fact, 20% of weight loss resolutions are broken within the first week of January alone. And from then onwards it only gets worse. 

One of the TOP reasons women tell me why they stop, or even get started, is that they DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH TIME.

 So Let's Talk TIME. 

 Most of us by default think that we do not have enough time, enough hours in the day to get it all done.

  Here are a few fun facts around TIME that you might not have considered

  •  Time is a mental constraint. It is just a way for us to manage our minds. We literally “created” the idea of time to fit into our concept of  living.  
  • Everyone has the same amount of time. Whaaaat? Yes, it is true. None of us get more or less than 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour or 60 seconds in a minute. So yes, you have the same amount of time that I have, and your neighbor, and your friend.  
  • You will not have more time tomorrow, next week or next year. Why? Because we will simply use it up. Parkinsons Law says: work expands to fill the time allotted for its completion. Got 10 minutes to get it done. You will. Got 2 hours, and it will take you two hours. Got two weeks, and it will take two weeks. Can you think of any examples of this in your life? I bet you can.
  • How we THINK about time can change our experience of time

Sarah and Kirstin are perfect examples of this: 

Sarah is married with two kids, a husband and a dog. She works fulltime. Her thought that she is thinking is that she does not have enough time in general, time to finish her work, help the kids, do the laundry, read a book, cook healthy, take the dog for a walk. 

When Sarah thinks of time as something that is in short supply she feels chronically stressed. She gets so anxious about it that she starts to procrastinate. She starts finding ways to distract herself: food, Netflix, Scrolling Facebook, Overeating. And the result: she for sure never has enough time.

 Kirstin is in a similar situation as Sarah. Kirstin tended to have the same thoughts. However, Kirstin is now having different thoughts around time. She thinks:  “I have plenty of time”.  She enjoys the feeling of abundance this thought gives her. She always plans her day, time blocking ahead and ensuring she allocates time to not only take care of her family, but also herself. She manages her time well.  And guess what? She always have enough time. 

 Are you thinking the same? 

  • That you do not  have enough time to start losing weight? 
  • That you have to wait for the “right time” to start losing it? 

Let me throw something else in here:

It often has nothing to do with TIME and everything to do with our BRAINS that are resisting CHANGE.

You see, there is something called  the MOTIVATIONAL TRIAD.  Our brain wants us to avoid pain, seek pleasure and conserve energy. That is a very primitive instinct. That is how we survived as cavemen and women.

 That is not that relevant in the 21st century.


 SO if you are waiting for your BRAIN to say YES, you will still weigh the same, or more, come next year.

 The EUREKA 5 - the “basics” of weightloss that I teach in my EUREKA WEIGHT PROGRAM™ only takes 5 -10 minutes a day.

 Can you find 5-10 minutes today to stop overeating?

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