Non Scale Victories- Do you track them?

How often do you get on the scale and are totally discouraged by the number? Even if you are feeling great, eating better, sleeping better, or can fit in your jeans again?

Weight as a number on the scale is simply a snapshot of a moment in time. It does not measure any other changes you have made. And often lead you down the dangerous path of “ I can just as well eat…”

Not a helpful thought at all!

The scale is not always reflecting the changes that you have made. So how do you get around that?

Your body is a wondrous, complicated machine that is very effective in maintaining equilibrium. And if you are not paying attention to this, you might interpret that number on the scale that is not moving as failure.

Small improvements lead to small changes. Celebrate these changes by choosing non scale victories to measure your success.

Here are five ideas for Non Scale Victories.

 1.How are your clothes fitting?

Your pants might let you know that your body is changing long before you see a significant change on the scale.  Maybe you just feel comfortable in your pants again. Feeling comfortable in their clothes again is a huge thing for women

 2. You have reached some fitness goals

It might be as simple as doing the stairs at home three times a day. Or walking around the block. Maybe be able to do that 20 min online fitness class twice a week. You chose

 3. You can do more of the things you love

It might be gardening, or playing with your children or grandchildren, dancing in your kitchen, or taking your dog for a walk.

4. You are choosing healthier options to eat or drinking more water

You have made some changes, choosing better dessert options, maybe only eat fast foods once a week. You know the changes you made. Give yourself credit!

If you are anything like me, you might only be having one glass of water a day, in your coffee! I initially started to stack a glass of water to my morning routine. That was a huge win for me.

 5. You are sleeping better, have more energy, have less pain or an improved mood

Rate yourself at the end of every day out of 10.  Check out your happiness meter. Or rate the amount of pain you are experiencing. Energy that goes from a 3/10 to 5/10 can be hugely motivational. And not related to the number on the scale


Non Scale Victories are a great way to disconnect the number on the scale from the successes you are experiencing. Head over to our brand new free Facebook group the Eureka Weight Loss Divas, a Group for Professional Women who want to Lose the Weight for the Last Time, and let me know your Non Scale Victories.


Head over to our free Facebook group the Eureka Weight Loss Divas, a group for Professional Women who wants to Lose the Weight for the Last Time

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