Do you have a “Problem Body”?

Do you have a “Problem Body”?

WOW. We have been getting this message that there is something “wrong” with our bodies for decades and decades. And not just us, also our mother and grandmothers.  

There is a bulge no one should see, or your boobs are too big, or too small. Your hips are too wide, you are either too fat or too thin.

You need to be “fixed”

How many of us grew up with role models showing us love and acceptance for our bodies? I bet not many of us. Most of us grew up with moms and aunts that’s always been on a diet, trying to get to an elusive vision of how they should look. As women, judging ourselves come easy. We making running lists of everything that is “wrong” with us, without ever giving equal airtime to any thoughts that could balance this.

Here is the thing: If we THINK  that there is something inherently  “wrong” with us,  it leaves us FEELING miserable and defeated, and we are propelled again and again into taking ACTION by trying  one diet after another.

Except, we always run out of willpower, and when these unsustainable diets fail because we are hungry and deprived , we are left with no other option than to look for the next miracle diet.   

Is that you?

We all have been through the wringer of gaining it, then losing it. Over and over.

Why can’t we lose the weight and keeping it off?

So here is the thing. You think it is as simple as eating less to lose the weight. And we all know it does work, for a while. But urges and hunger always wins the game against willpower.

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

You are not broken. You are just looking for a solution in the wrong place.

“It is not so much what you eat, it is why you eat.

Yip, it is your thoughts”

When we think we are broken, we feel a certain way. Often deflated, discouraged, hopeless.

We “diet”

We restrict, count points and calories and exercise excessively, leaving us hangry and miserable.

Let me say, it often works for a while. And then it doesn’t anymore. We quit.

That is when willpower runs out.

We go into F*CK it mode. We stop dieting. We eat whatever we want. But that does not make one happy either.  And then it starts again. We are on the hunt for the next best “diet” promise.

Does that sound familiar?

It is one thing to want to lose weight because you want you body to move better, be healthier and feel more comfortable in your clothes.

It is something else when we use diets to “punish” our bodies to correct “problem areas”

Can you lose weight from a loving place where you care and nourish your body?  

Can you lose the weight from a place of LOVE for your body?

Is it even possible?

Let me know your thoughts!

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“You can’t hate yourself happy. You can’t criticize yourself thin. You can’t shame yourself worthy. Real change begins with self-love and self-care.” — Jessica Ortner

Head over to our free Facebook group the Eureka Weight Loss Divas, a group for Professional Women who wants to Lose the Weight for the Last Time

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